Our services

Drafting / amending articles of association

  • Drafting of the articles of association of companies incorporated under a private deed and associations.
  • Drawing up legal forms and minutes of meetings and assemblies.

Filing articles of association and annual accounts

  • Filing articles of association (Commercial Court Registry – Belgian Official Journal).
  • Filing of extracts of minutes.
  • Filing of annual accounts (Central Bank).

Business one-stop shops– crossroads bank for enterprises (CBE)

  • Activation of an operating office.
  • Equivalence of foreign diplomas.
  • Modification and closure of operating offices.


  • Activation, modification or cancellation of VAT numbers


  • Translation of documents to be filed.
  • Sworn translations of official documents.


  • Requests for copies of cadastral entries and property maps.
  • Requests for mortgage certificates.
  • Checks on the existence of corporate names.


  • Registration of commercial and private leases.
  • Registration of privately executed deeds.


  • Legalisation – Apostils

Do not hesitate to seek our advice on all legal and administrative formalities in Belgium.